Cassidy Camero

Director of Operations


Cassidy Camero plays a large role as part of the heart of Streamline Shippers. She has devoted her entire career to the transportation industry with an emphasis on trucking and railroad transport. Cassidy brings both passion and a no-nonsense demeanor to the table, refusing to take no for an answer when it comes to supporting her clients. There is nothing she loves more than the most challenging of puzzles; she will work tirelessly to find solutions.

She has a genuine desire to help people in whatever way best serves and protects their interests. Her compassion, understanding and desire to meet her customers’ needs is unparalleled in this industry.  She truly is the heart of the operation, pulling on all her expertise to effectively and gracefully serve her clients. Aligned with these priorities, Cassidy has built an amazing team at Streamline.  As Director of Operations, Cassidy is an esteemed asset and an invaluable addition to the Streamline team.

Prior to accepting a full-time position with Streamline in 2004, Cassidy spent summers mastering every administrative aspect of the business. She handled claims processing, deposits, freight bill auditing, accounting for domestic and international markets, and more. Upon returning to Streamline full-time in 2004, Cassidy entered a rigorous training program sitting in every position in the company, learning the business from the ground up, optimizing the processes and strengthening the team.

Cassidy honed her business acumen in college, studying business, communications and economics and even becoming an investor in the restaurant where she worked. Upon graduation, she sold her shares and quickly moved back to Los Angeles.  She became laser focused on her goal of translating that knowledge to improving operations at Streamline. 

Outside of work, Cassidy loves to spend time soaking up her fiancé and three kids, travelling, cooking and taking photographs.  Cassidy is also is finishing up her second year in the Spiritual Psychology program at University of Santa Monica.