They have an extraordinary staff, who are extremely helpful and available @ all times.

The communication piece is key in today’s workplace and they provide that day in & day out!

When I have deadlines that are required, I have the assurance they can get it done & provide an adequate solution for executing a successful delivery.”

— Peter, Hill Phoenix

Streamline’s communication and follow-up are excellent.

I know when the order is booked and shipped through their efficient tracking system. They are timely and extremely responsive.

— Doug, Stagecraft Industries Inc.

In a time where customer service seems like a thing of the past, Streamline makes it a cornerstone of what they do every day.

I’m working with 20-30 vendors--you walk away wondering if they care, but it’s not that way with Streamline. Their customer service is unmatched and it’s not something you see anymore.

One day I had a large construction project and I went through two dumpster vendors who couldn’t help me. I called Streamline and they managed all the logistics and helped me coordinate cranes.

There has never been a time where I’ve asked them to do something and they didn’t hop right on it--even if it’s not something they really do. Streamline staff is responsive and works with a sense of urgency.

— Bo, Bo Carter Renovations

Wouldn’t work with anyone else.

We’ve been with Streamline since 1982. Service is excellent. They get the product in on time and on budget, bottom line.

— Marc Hickok, Portland, Oregon

Streamline makes the shipping process easy to navigate.

The tracking system they use keeps me constantly up-to-date, and I can see the status of my order at every stage.

Streamline’s pricing is very competitive, and I have a real relationship with them. Clay is very diligent, and makes a visit every month. It’s so nice to have that personal touch because you know that if something goes wrong, you have someone to call on.

— Fred, John W. Negus Co.

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