How much freight must my company have to be eligible to open an account with Streamline Shippers & Affiliates?

There is no specific volume requirement to open an account. You may use our services wherever and whenever it makes good sense for you.

Can we review our costs before opening an account?

Yes, just provide us with examples of your volume, traffic lanes, and description of your commodities and we will be glad to provide you with cost estimates.  This ensures our ability to evaluate the best program for your company.

How does carrier selection work?

We believe that it is important to have a good variety of domestic and international carriers from which to choose.  Understanding that shipments can require special handling or premium service, we negotiate contracts that offer various degrees of service levels to match our customers’ individual requirements.

What is the source of information regarding rates and other details?

Streamline’s management team and contracted carriers collaborate to provide you with all the information you need regarding your shipments.  We act as the liaison between you and the carriers.

How does the information regarding my shipments get to me?

We at Streamline believe that information is the key to success.  We have developed many different options for you to get the information you require to run your business.  Automated emails, web-based tracking and tracing and on-demand customer service are just a few of the benefits we offer.

How can we open an account with Streamline Shippers & Affiliates?

Opening an account is easy!  Just simply go to the “Contact Us” page on this web site and enter the requested information to us.  One of our Sales Representatives will contact you to gather the necessary information regarding your freight descriptions, origins, destinations, etc.  Once the information is gathered, we will set an appointment to discuss how Streamline can save you money while providing the level of service you require.

Do we need to complete a credit application in order to open an account?

No. With the current economic situation and the lending industry the way it is, we feel it is important to be able to offer our customers options that allow them to operate their business through tight times.  We offer payment, prior to delivery, by credit card for such instances where you would prefer not to complete a credit application. 

What are some of the advantages to using Streamline Shippers & Affiliates?

Just to start, Single Source Billing, Tracing & Accountability; not to mention, Complete Logistics Management and Solutions with a single point of contact. “One Call Does It All”
You will have access to multiple carriers without multiple accounts, payment obligations, and the confusion related to organizing your shipments. 

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